Life in Washoe County

Q: Where is Washoe County located?
A: Washoe County is situated in the north west corner of the state, bordering California and Nevada's state capitol, Carson City. The county lies on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Known for its' comfortable seasons, Washoe County experiences low humidity and little percipitation.

Q: What is special about Washoe County?
A: Established in the1860s, the county was named in honor of the Washoe native people that occupied the area around Lake Tahoe. Washoe City was originally the central hub of the county, and was once an important shipping location along the banks of the Washoe Lake.

Q: What neighborhoods are in Washoe County
A: Incline Village-Crystal Bay is home to Sierra Nevada College and lies along the shores of Lake Tahoe. Lemmon Valley-Golden Valley is home to the Swan Lake Nature Study Area, and the cities of Sparks and Reno are also located within the county of Washoe, Nevada.

Q: What is there to do in Washoe County?
A: Toiyabe National Forest is one of the largest in the country and encompasses more than six million acres. The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge is most famous for its' wild horses. The extinct lake of Lahontan, now the The Black Rock Desert, was part of the historic Oregon Trail, and is host to Burning Man annual celebration.

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